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An impermanent art practice for everyone


What is the

Guerilla Good Words project? 

Just like EverySevenDays, GuerillaGoodWords is an impermanent art practice for everyone, designed to enhance our mental health, reduce stress, boost creativity and cognitive function, and strengthen our sense of connection with nature and community. In fact, this project began as one of the weekly themes for #EverySevenDays2020. Same easy-to-follow guidelines, same principles and same science - just this time your ephemeral artwork is a word. 

There's something particularly centring about writing a word from sticks and stones, flowers or shells - the things you find on a walk in nature.


And it's a chance to make a beautifully imperfect offering for the people who come across it. 

You might choose a word that describes a feeling or an intention, or something designed to encourage the lucky people who stumble across your artwork in their travels.


As they walk, they'll be thinking and feeling your word. It might become the focus for their gratitude or meditation. It might stay with them and be a reminder, or perhaps, a comfort. 

When you post your photo of your word online, use these three mighty hashtags: 

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