An impermanent art practice for everyone


What is the Every Seven Days project?

Every Seven Days is an impermanent art practice for everyone, designed to enhance our mental health, reduce stress, boost creativity and cognitive function, and strengthen our sense of connection with nature and community. 

You don't have to be an artist or have any tech expertise to be involved. The project has easy-to-follow guidelines so everyone can take part.


We announce the theme of the week on a Monday, and you've got till Sunday night to create your temporary artwork and post a photo of it online with the hashtag #everysevendays2020.


Last post for the project is December 27. 


Contemporary neuroscience has identified that creativity, nature and community all contribute to strong mental health. 



seeks to work these in combination to give everyone a simple way to achieve a sense of well being and connection.  

What are the benefits of EverySevenDays? 

Taking part in EverySevenDays is a safe, fun and natural way to boost the feel-good chemicals in our brains.

Being outside in nature promotes serotonin. That's the mood stabilising chemical most commonly used in anti-depressants. 

Walking - getting your body moving - creates endorphins. We're not talking about getting breathless though. Walk mindfully and be present, and feel the calm.  

Just completing your temporary artwork and posting it online will give you a dopamine hit. 

Complimenting the artworks posted by other people in our community gives you more oxytocin. 

The bottom line is, taking part in this project will make you feel good. 


read more about the science behind #everysevendays


You probably have everything you need to start today

If you have a camera on your smartphone and an Instagram account you are set. (You could still participate without these, but it's more fiddly.) 

The only other thing you need is about 30 minutes a week to take time out for yourself. 

Why is this project on Instagram? 

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with social media -  we get that - but the best way to get involved with the EverySevenDays project is to post on Instagram. 

Instagram is an app designed to feature photographs, where each post is a square, making part of a grid. It's an online gallery where every image in a feed is given equal weight.

By adding the hashtag #EverySevenDays2020 to your post, your work is automatically included in the gallery of artworks. Instagram is much more handsome and user-friendly than its much bigger and bolshier sibling Facebook. Plus, the community on Instagram is mostly amiable and supportive. Nice. 


It's week 24 and the theme is




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